At Message Party, we believe NFTs should let you do more.

That’s why we created the first web3-enabled chat app. Our Founder's Edition is fuel that we're putting in the engine. It’s meant to showcase a little bit of what a “web3-enabled chat app” means and a lot of what’s coming.


To help everyone express themselves the way they want, we needed to start with our own identity. Enter Verse and Buddy. Verse is programmed to do one thing - to travel the web3 universe delivering a new communication system called Buddy to all of its inhabitants. Verse and Buddy won’t stop their journey until everyone has the technology to communicate the way they want - the web3 way.

As Verse and Buddy travel the universe and interact with amazing web3 communities, they can’t help but pick up lots of traits and customs from the incredible communities they visit. We’ve integrated many of those expressions into our Founder's Edition NFT Expression Packs and we have lots more planned.

Shape the future of web3 chat

We’re building a company where everyone involved wins as we grow. Whether an employee, angel, or NFT holder - we believe those who invest their time, energy, and attention into what we’re doing should be rewarded. Our Founder's Edition is designed around that premise.

Mint holders will be rewarded in innumerable ways, both now and in the future, as we seek to constantly provide value back to the individuals and communities that support us the most. Some of the ways we show appreciation to our members on the onset are as follows

Specialized access rights to our incredible community and product.

This perk is meant for those who want to have a say in how web 3 chat comes to life. Not only will mint holders receive exclusive access to our closed beta, but these early access rights allow for our community members to provide input into how everything will look and feel. While we’ll be sharing our journey publicly, holders will receive a first look at new product features, studio creations, and other milestones on the roadmap.

Incentivized feedback to reward our most involved community members.

Your early feedback will shape what the final product ultimately becomes. For this reason, we’ve reserved some amazing mints for our testers and most involved community members. When it comes time for launch, mint holders will be the first users who can invite their friends to the app!

Expression packs.

By being a Founder's Edition holder you’ll get access to not only Founder's Edition expression packs but also experimental expression packs from Message Party Studios that will be available ONLY TO HOLDERS during our Beta period. Things including but not limited to: AR Filters, App Skins, Emojis, Stickers etc. All of these expression packs will be on chain NFTs with secondary markets - so all will be openly tradeable.

As we continue to scale and grow we will find more ways to reward those who helped us get there. We’ve taken note from some of the most prolific NFT communities to date and want to signal to our community everything is on the table when it comes to stakeholder compensation. We thank you for coming with us on this journey into web3, the real party starts soon 😎

Details of the mint

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    Mint Size

  • 345

    Mint Reserve

  • Feb 3

    Mint Date