We’re sensitive to over-promising and under-delivering. Below is a roadmap that lays out what we’re doing now and in the near future. At every turn we’ll strive to delight our community by delivering more than we thought we could.


Alpha (web based)

  • What The basics
  • Who Friends, angels and a few of our most engaged community members
  • Why Initial reactions that lead to beta feature prioritization

Founder's Edition

  • Verse and Buddy mint, 5900 total, 5555 mint, 345 reserve. Check Discord for more details.

Beta Community Launch

  • What The basics plus lots of experimental NFT Expression Packs
  • Who Founder's Edition holders only
  • Why Feedback, feedback and more feedback

Studios Experimental Drops

  • Message Party Studios experimental Expression Pack drops to Founder's Edition holders only


Studios Genesis Drop

  • Message Party Studios drops the official genesis Expression Pack to Founder's Edition holders only

Beta Mobile Launch

  • What Mobile version of the app
  • Who Private access for our Founder's Edition holders
  • What Make it nice on mobile

Studios Partner Drop

  • Message Party Studios to release our first official partner Expression Pack with Jungle Cats

Official Launch Event

  • To be announced


IOS and Android versions, partner NFT Expression Packs, partner community access, Expression Machine SDK, extended wallet and blockchain support, and lots more.

If you want to reimagine web3 chat with us, we’d love to have you join our community. Lets all build web3 chat together.